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Hello, how is everyone? Ok, Iam really posting this for my parents. We lived in NJ for about 16 yrs and think its time to move on. My parents are looking for a job down in Florida because my Aunt lives in Miami now and my cousins are going to be moving there soon.

I really cant list my dads/moms resume here, but what I can tell you if they are both very good at sales. My mom is a Vice President of Valley National Bank. My dad is also very well rounded, he has a very good resume, and I know people who would look at his resume would be happy to give him a job. My parents are very well educated.

My parents have already sent out a few resumes to Florida, and a few people called back already, but is there a faster way of getting a job down in Florida?? any tips?? My parents were looking to go down in mid June. So if anyone would like to give me some tips/perhaps know someone whos recruiting for jobs or anything... We Thank You.
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