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Some Car show pics

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Fromt Street Machine Nationals in Springfield Mo...

And others...

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Notice the paddle shifters on the camaro... all that tech and it's carbed!!! :(

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Thanks for getting these up so fast after my request in the other thread, and with some hotrods and restomods to boot.

As I've told you before, I did like the TSW's you had on the car in the past, but nothing short of a drag wheel package says this car means business like a set of classics. Well that and a turbo capable of inhaling small animals.
Nice cars!

the classics look good. :)

nice cars at the show. That copper s14 is pretty cool.
very nice cars
Nice pictures thanks for sharing.
good pics
That red 6x Camaro is teh sex!

It's twin turbo too :)
Is that a GNX? Those are badd cars. Nice pictures and some unique rides out there.
Wow, you boys in MO dont fool around! Very nice, all the way around...
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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