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Hey all, I just got my Supra Saturday, it is a 1998 White w/Black leather Twin Turbo with 18K miles. The car just had some BPU stuff on it. Including a HKS EVC IV -- and you guessed it I am lost as to how to use it. I have a low and a high set. I have the low at .85 BAR and the high at 1.25 BAR. However, I don't know how to set it on low or high when driving, I can't seem to tell which one it is set on and the guage sometimes reads 1.2 BAR when the second turbo kicks in, but it seems to do the same thing when I have the unit on low (or I think I have it on low). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Todd Oliver

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Congratulations on buying such a nice car ;) The reason you haven't seen any responses is the section"performance parts" that you have posted in.Try reposting in the "MKIV Tech" section and i'm sure someone will be able to help you out.Is it a Six speed or an A/T.
Later, Yasir
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