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ha just kidding on the 56k part, but I did write a book though:
I did this today in my BMW, I know not supra, but good stuff to know.

Do not use the radiator stop leak. I've had the tiniest slow leak (thought that it may be radiator) so today, I decied to throw in to radiator stop leak. As soon as I do, I go out to run the engine a little bit-to get the stuff to work. My temp gauge (which always stays in the middle) shot up and my temp light came on. I shut off the car immediately, and coasted into the nearest parking spot. Upon inspection (was really easy to tell) I saw white shit squirting onto the front of my engine. Crap, it was just a hole in the coolant line. So I go back to Checkers ( about a block away) and I go and get some shit to Jerry-rig the hose (as they don't ever seem to stock shit for BMW's). I returned to my car, and drove it home (about 2 stop lights from checkers) it was running hot-but didn't peg out. A couple hours later, I went out and fixed the hose (it was worn from the fan rubbing it or some shit). All seems to be good, right? So here it is like 8 pm now (car's been sitting for good 5-6 hours). I'm going to go take my girl home, so I can get some sleep (I leave for work at 5:00 AM.) Anyrate, about 10 minutes (half of that stoplights) we're on the freeway and the temp light comes on. I quickly shut off the car and exit (was on a downhill thank god) and I aviod getting hit by a merging teenager on the street after I get off the exit. And I pull into the gas station that is at the bottom of the hill.

At this point I am thinking a couple of things:
1st and foremost, the jerry rig didn't work
2nd I didn't run the engine long enough with the radiator seal in, and it's probably all clumped to shit clogging up my radiator.

Well, it wasn't the first thing. I took off my upper rad hose at the gas station and used about 50 gallons of complimentary water flushing the shit out of my my overflow tank and radiator (I fill the rad through the overflow tank). Any rate, I was reading the empty bottle that I had in the back (a little late for instructions) but nonetheless, I was supposed to use the whole bottle for a 6 gallon or more system, not my tiny 1 gallon system that it got placed into. secondly, I also read that "Not compatible with Antifreeze) which my system is about a 50/50 or less system. So I tried to flush the crap out (some decent sized clods were in fact coming out.) I was satisfied that the car was not going to overheat-or well, at least I would be able to get it home. The car was fine for most of the journey home. just the last little bit of the 10-15 min drive (last 2-4 minutes) it started getting hot. I pulled into home and it was pegging about 3/4 of the way to red, so I decided to pop the hood and investigate. stupid me didn't tighten down the rad cap all the way. I tightened it fully, and watched the temp gauge for a couple of minutes, hoping that the temp would go back down. It didn't, it just rose to the red, and I shut off the car. I'm hoping that I had fixed it, and it was just the not fully tightened cap. But I dunno, I will find out tomorrow morning when I try to go into work.

Sidenote, I will definately be going to the dealership to replace the broken hose, and if the car continues to overheat, it's going to the shop to get flushed, and probably a new radiator and thermostat (hope not though-shops rape you on BMW work)

I'm just having a retarded day. jinxed by a friend that offered me a trade for his mini toyota truck (with 22r turbo!). He totally jinxed me today by offering me a sweet deal too good to be true-now I'm probably gonna eat the too good parts up in shop and parts costs. Damn!
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