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some MKIII stuff, 5-speed, lsd, wheels

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so, i got some stuff laying around not being used. here is what i've got. its all located in portland, oregon.

almost complete w58 5-speed swap. only thing i'm missing is the driveline. clutch is almost new. trans, flywheel, clutch, hardline, clutch pedal, brake pedal, clutch master, clutch slave, speedometer cable, transmission mount, throw out bearing, you'll need pilot bearing and driveline. asking $450OBO!

then i have a limited slip differential out of a 1988 toyota supra turbo. it has both axles as well. came out of a car with around 190k miles. -$175obo

supra sawblades rims. brand new 225/50r16 in the front. with used 245/50r16 in the rear. rears look like they need to be replaced. -$170obo.

you can call me on my cell at 503-504-7864.
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