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Hey, guys, finally got my dawg couple days ago and now I have a couple of problems... wondering if these are little problems that I can fix myself or do I have to take it to Toyota to get it serviced...

1. Noticed that the front two corners of my targa leaks when I was washing my car yesterday.

2. Sometimes the gas pedal gets stuck when I'm at a stoplight/stop sign...

3. Rattle and sweaky noise when I go over bumps....

Also, I think I need to get my timing belt and alternator belt changed, any ideas on how much that's gonna cost? I'm thinking about just taking the car to toyota and have them do a full check up to see if there's anything wrong with the car that I've over looked.. any idea how much that's gonna cost? BTW, I got a 93.5 N/A Automatic with 70kmiles on it (was looking for a manual but at 13k for the car, I had to get it.. =) =P)

Any help for anybody would be greatly appreciated.. =)

P.S. I dun think the previous owner took good care of the car and he has no service records, so is there anything I should be checking myself to make sure the car's fine?
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