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Hi Guys,
As I have posted here on the forums (other threads) I am developing a custom Y-pipe to replace the stock 1jz-gte (twin turbo) Y-pipe.
The stock Y pipe is pretty restrictive, or, the two turbos blow against eachother. To solve this we are making the two runners longer so they will join where the gasses stream about the same direction. The only requirement on the car is you have to cut your downpipe and reweld it, or buy the accompanying custom downpipe.
In the first design we wanted to seperate the two streams from either turbo (turbine wheel and wastegate hole) but this was way too complex to make. We are making the molds out of wood. When everything is correct we can use the wooden molds to sand-cast the elbows. After that postprocessing will resurface, coat and tap the threads.
The molds are two items, one inner mold and one outer mold. The innermold is where the gasses will stream, and currently only this innermold is 'done':

The next picture shows you the exhaust flange / hole. The flange is a 3-inch regular flange. As you can see the turbo y-pipe will feed the exhaust gasses into the downpipe through a true 3-inch hole:

The next picture is hard to explain and leaves some room for improvement we're currently working on. Just take it as it is currently:

That's all I can tell as of today. Hope to bring more news soon!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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