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no, after you compress the caliper piston to make room for the new pads, the piston comes back out the FIRST time you press the pedal... not 10 miles later and 50 pedal-pushes later.

the squishyness and double-pump required means you have tiny air bubbles in the line. they arent huge bubbles, they will just show up the size of grains of sand. but its enough to be noticiable.

if the car wasnt like this BEFORE the brake job, then something is wrong. either bad caliper piston seal, master cylinder seals or brake lines... some how air is getting in the system, and if the fluid level never dropped and the calipler bleeders were never open during pedal reset, then there is a leak in the system.

i would suggest FLUSHING the entire brake system, rather than a quick bleed. flush untill you get CLEAN fluid coming out. you can probably do 15 purges before having to top off the resivoir. so dont bleed the brakes and purge the lines more than 15 times before refilling, just to be on the safe side.
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