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to make way for my new supra coming, i'm selling off some more parts.

got stock CT-26 for sale at 200 bucks. I have never seen it in action so i have no idea if its 100% or not. I know it has no wobble and only a couple milimeters axial play. it spins fine and spools great when compressed air is shot thru hot side (with oil in the bearing of course). rebuild kits for the turbo are less that 250 bucks for the full kit.

also got the stock turbo manifold for another 75 bucks. perfect to be sent out for cleaning for those wanting to dress up their engine bay with minimal downtime.

stock coilpacks for 80 bucks. was gonna use them for converting my N/A to turbo but decided to blow the engine instead.

i'll also have an SP61GT for sale (will need a rebuild for what im told is blown oil seal) once i get the car. thinking 400 for it.

my old 1987 N/A 5-speed will also be up for sale once i swap out the parts i need. drop in a working engine and its good to go. or part it for yer 5-speed conversion to grab the alum driveshaft. it classifies as historic here in MD so no inspection/emissions. looking for 1500-2000 for it. will post when its ready to be sold. will NOT be parted out by me as i dont have the time/space to do that.
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