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Sound Deadners??

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What do you guys think of sound deadners (ie. Dynamat)in the Supra? Do they make much difference if you line the floor, dash, doors, and hatch? I am thinking about putting this stuff in with my system...

Thanks. Ciao.
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well i added this stuff in some cars and it did make a diference really helped to eliminate the rattling sound from the base!
It DEFINATELY helps out, but it is expensive to get done and kind of pain in the ass to do it yourself if you dont know what you are doing, But if you are realy interested check out theya re NOT a stereo shop they sell all kinds of materials and all that kids off good stuff, you can find the same material that DYNAMAT uses for way cheaper.
Totally sweet mkIII, Tito!!!!
Tito...first of all, beautiful MKIII!

Secondly thanks for the link to mcmasters....that's a great site, reminds me of . You mentioned that they had the Dynamat material, do you know the product number or where on their site it's located? I looked for awhile with no luck, maybe I'm in the wrong place.

Thanks is advance,

Chad H.
I dont know the product #, but you will be able to find it under raw materials and springs,click rubber and foam rubber,then rubber and browse these pages, and they have an asphalt based one, that is the closest to DYNAMAT. And thanks for the comments!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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