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Soundstream, anyone care to lend an opinion

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Hey ive been a fan of soundstream for some time now. Ive hooked up a couple systems with them and ive seen a number of soundstream systems out perform in db drag and all out show and sound. what i dont really understand is why i dont see more of them in mag's and comp photo's. anyone care to lend an opinion on the company. :cool:
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I heard they just stopped production or went out of busines. :(
i dont believe they have gone out of buisness. i go to their website every now and then and read their press releases. they just expanded their distribution again. :cool:
heard they where trying to get bought out or where bought out !
sound stream is still soundstream just a different mother company now. I love soundstream but they have been given a bad rep for MANY MANY MANY faulty amplifiers, too many of they had to be sent back for repairs, mainly powersupplies but it still costs $100 flat rate to fix, and shipping it one way. I have gatherd that the reason you dont see many of they on the competition scene is that, you can get a soundstream tarantula (2000 watts) for 2000 dollars or more, or you can get us amps amplifiers (many on competition scene) that are rated at like 2200 watts, but realisticly put out around 3000 with correct voltage, for like 1100 dollars.

that is why I think soundstream isnt that big on the competition scene.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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