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So the South Florida ClubLexus crew was debating on where the South Florida guys should meet up at to caravan to ride out to the Mega Meet...

We decided that the usual spot (El Dorado on 137 ave & Kendall Drive) was TOO far south so we wanted to make it fair for the Miami Lakes guys.

We decided that Dolphin Mall would be fair for everyone and we ride from there.

Dolphin Mall infront of Dave & Busters but towards the back of the parking lot

Registration starts at 11 AM...

10 AM sounds fair to meet up and we ride by 10:30 AM the LATEST so we can all make it to Lexus of North Miami on time and all pretty in a nice group

If you guys have any questions, feel free to call me at my cell at whatever time (305) 303-1190

Ill be up sunday morning at 8:30 detailing the ride :rockon:

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I don't have a dodge :tear:

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I'll be at the show, but not the ride. I'm coming from west palm. I don't even know were the Dolphin mall is.
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