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pwvr4 said:
Well, Like I said in my other posts, I want to make at least 800rwhp and have the turbo easily capable of making a bit more. I read that the sp74 starts spooling around 3400rpm with a nice open exhuast. Is the turbo a BB? And the Sp73 says somewher elik 870rwhp max, is the spool on this better since its a bit smaller? It is smaller right? Ayiyaya... supras and there single turbos.
none of the current sp turbo are bb yet they will have there BB turbos out soon thow.

looks like an sp71 or 72 is what your looking at more, also smaller turbos do spool up a little faster .

SP71GTQ ($1275) This is the newest of the GT turbo technology. The compressor wheel is a one of a kind. It is machined out of a billet piece of aluminum on a 5 axis CNC machine. This allows the wheel to support very high boost levels, making huge power while spooling like a much smaller turbo. RWHP rating is 850. Features the anti-surge compressor cover.

SP72GTQ ($1195) A very good turbo, known for its excellent compressor wheel whose excellent design virtually eliminates all possibility of surge on our motors. Features the anti-surge compressor cover. RWHP potential is 870.

SP73HO ($1250) Another new turbo from SP! This turbo features a one of a kind compressor wheel, mated with a turbine wheel from a GT42 turbo. This results in ultra fast spool and RWHP potential of 900+ A recent SP customer strapped this turbo on his car and on his first pass at only 26psi ran a 10.22 and quickly proceeded to be kicked off of the track for lack of safety equipment!! Features the anti surge compressor cover.

SP74GTQ ($1199) One of our most popular turbos, we have recorded 905 RWHP with this turbo without NOS and Matt Miller ran a 9.96 with this turbo making him the first 6 Spd NO NOS Supra in the 9s!!

SP74HO ($1250) The high output version of our 74 features the GT42 turbine wheel. Expect about 50 more RWHP with this turbo without much if any sacrifice in spool!
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