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Hello guys,.. just last night my auto gearbox started to cause some problems, first sign, it wouldnt reverse anymore, and it wont get into right gear (From a stop it'll only move from 2nd gear), well at least now i can get a new tranny :D

yes, ive searched regarding the SP400 tranny, BUT i couldnt find anything if it would click with a JDM RHD. So If it gives you any help, my future goals are a sp67, pumping at least 590rwhp with necessary accompanying mods (fuel,3row,Motec etc..) and will run a comfortable low-10 pass in the 1/4 mile, feasible ? Im open to suggestions. Anyway, here are my questions in point form.

1. How streetable is this tranny ? (highway running ability is very important to me,top end,overtaking and daily driving)
2. How does it click with the sp67gtq
3. If i dont decide on the sp400, will my gearbox in its current condition, be fit enough to be sent to Boost Logic for upgrade ?
4. will it work on a RHD JDM ?

Thats all for now, thanks in advance and sorry for the long post guys, but your input is greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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