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Sound Performance said:

How does the SP57 feel at 2 Bar? Youre the only one with a SP57 and enought fuel to try it

Hey Larry,
He's not the only one. I just don't have the driveline to support it yet :) I don't think my stock auto would last long at high boost. Now that the Precision Industries multi-disc torque converter is finally starting to ship, I'm hoping to be able to find out for myself in less than 3 weeks when I've got an upgraded TC & tranny.

I know I saw considerably more power between 1.0 & 1.3 kg/cm2. I also saw appreciably higher peak air flow on the SAFC peak hold at 1.6 compared to 1.3 (63% vs 50%) when I inadvertently turned the EVC-EZ up a bit higher than I planned. Just backed out of it too soon to get a good feel for how much stronger. I'd really like to hear Flavio's subjective impressions even without the dyno #s.

PS Larry, how's the lockup on the TC when you let the ECU control it? I saw your comment about it locking up "very hard" and that's what I want under WOT. Even though it's not a daily driver, I'm hoping it won't be much harder than stock locking up under light throttle ie ECU control.

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Flavio said:

To be frank I haven't driven it for very long yet since changing the plugs last Sunday evening. I hope to pick up the car from the bodyshop tomorrow (had the front bumper resprayed). It looks like it's going to rain tomorrow though so not really suitable weather to try out 550+ hp on winter tyres.

I think at lower boost my experience is the same as anyone else with the SP57, lag is the same if not better than the stock twins in TTC mode. Stock twins in sequential mode still have more power below 3000rpm but above that the SP57 rules! The sound it makes is the icing on the cake. I can't imagine anyone being not impressed heavily by this turbo.

For someone who has never had a ride in a stock TT, the ride in Flavio's SP57 today was scary fast!!!
Never been driven that fast in my life!!!
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