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SP63 .58 a/r at the track!

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Please pardon the fact that I can't drive my car worth a crap yet. This is obvious based upon my 2.18 60' times on drag radials. However, despite my overzealous launching of my car and poor initial traction, the car performed pretty well.

Again, this is an automatic car with stock fuel, stock MAF. No VPC, no front mount intercooler, no NOS.

The car (despite my poor driving skills) went 11.70 at 129.68 MPH! Not too bad, I'd say. I only made 2 passes before I got booted from the track for lack of a rollbar. Apparently, having a competition audio system in the hatch is NOT an excuse for not having a roll bar. Anyway, I would have liked to have worked a little more on my launches, but I guess I'll save that for another day.

Bottom line: 129.68 MPH on stock fuel, stock MAF, SP63 with a .58 housing. I definitely endorse this turbo! It's a great product! And it's as streetable as any turbo out there.
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Awesome trap speed. Congrats.

How much boost were you running?
Thats lost of MPH! You cant claim that its hard to drive an auto though :) Try launching a 6spd! I just now go a little help from Phillip Long in that area. Good run though.
Great mph man! I havent even trapped that high yet!! I am sucking and really pissed about
Cedric, are you still on stock fuel also and what are your traps? I am still looking to get a setup like yours. SP60 with .70 A/R, is that correct?
Way to go Mark! I hope Paisley gets this T04R going like that... -Gary
Thanks guys.

Tozer, you are absolutely correct about the EGTs and being near the limits of the stock fuel system. I actually ran 129 and 129.68 on back to back runs. The boost was somewhere between 23-24 psi on the last run and the EGT's got up to right at 900C, with the probe mounted in the collector of the header. This was on 100 octane unleaded fuel.

The EGT's were a little higher than I'd like to see, but I wanted to know what the stock fuel and stock MAF could handle. I think I've found it's limits. If I could launch the car properly, I could probably get much better ET's on even less boost. A VPC and fuel system are definitely in the works now.

I have no intention of running it quite that hard again until I have a fuel system. Either that, or some 104 or 110 octane fuel in the tank. If I get my VPC in the next week or so, I'll go dyno again and see what the difference is.
Ouch, that's lean! I bet you're right around 14 to 1 on the top end. Don't bother with the 104 or 110 octane gas.. go straight to the fuel system :) BTW nice numbers!

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Nice rims! ;)

Mark looks like it's time to spend some real $ and step up to the plate. You know those 10 second et's are just a VPC, Fuel system, and seat time away.
Is that really 900 C or 900 F for that EGT?
pretty good time and great mph!
Can't wait until i get my sp63 too!!!

The many facets of my hotrod.
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