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Need price on a 2jzgte spark plug cover

also need prices on waterneck gasket and o-ring (these i need for sure as soon as possible)

do you have any chromed radiator brackets as well? just need one (im not sure if that was a factory option or if it was done by previous owner of my vehicle)

TRD Oil filler cap (price)

and finally the weather stripping and metal piece on front bumper (between bumper and hood when closed) (need these for sure as well)

im local so i can pick up

thank you... pleasure as always

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11304-46050 Cover List 89.34 Cost 66.06
16343-46030 Gasket, List 3.34 Cost 2.47
96761-24023 Ring, O List 2.57 Cost 1.91 X 2
Ptr04-12108-03 Cap Oil Trd List 81.03 Cost 69.80
53395-14010 Seal, Hood List 21.09 Cost 15.60
52521-14090 Retainer, List 23.98 Cost 17.74

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts