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Spark Plug installation

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I am starting to buy more and more tools for my Supra cause I enjoying doing the work myself as do many of yaw'lls... so...

I want to know if there is an easy way of knowing the proper torque on installing new spark plugs, or do you actually use a torque driver? I've hear hand tighten, and then 3/4 turn??

what tools do you recommend i buy for this job? I think I want to be able to yank the plugs any time to regap as needed.. I need to understand misfiring and detonation a bit more clearer.. and of coruse I need to know how to use gapping pliers huh

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- Get a 1/2 Socket Driver (Craftsman)

- 12" extension

- a set of metric sockets (Craftsman)

- 1/2" spark plug socket (is extra deep w/ a rubber lining that grips the plug)

- set of "feeler gauges" (to gap the plugs)

There is no need for a torqe wrench for installing sparkplugs. Just use the extension and thread the plugs in by hand without using the driver so you can feel that they are threading right. Once they are in, tighten them so they are snug. Do a search on this site, for gapping plugs, misfiring and detonation. (Get a Toyota Repair Manual for your car, they are only $85, and definately worth it)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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