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i need a little help from anyone here, so here is the situation :

right now i'm DIY changing Sparkwire set, i'm using Ultra Blue Point spark wire (Made in Japan), i got 7 wire, 6 for spark plug and 1 for coil to distributor wire.

there is no problem in installing 6 spark wire, but coil to distributor wire made me confuse,

1. i noticed in OEM wire there is RED and BLACK Colour on each end, RED go to coil and Black to distributor (see pic) what the colour mean? is there any effect if i install it wrongly (black to coil and red to distributor)

OEM and Aftermarket spark wire side by side, OEM have red n black colour on each end, aftermarket only have blue colour

2. on my new sparkplug wire there is no red or black colour, there is only blue colour (see pic), but there is some black coating on the 1 side, can some one help me to determine which side i should install on coil and distributor?

the only different is on one side there is black coating

without black coating

these end have black coating

i aprriciate any help.

Thank you,


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Yes, as above. The OEM wires are only colour coded to help you install the same colour into the dissy cap.
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