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Hi everyone. I heard some rattling from the driver's door and sure enough, the midrange(?) speaker there was completely shot. I am looking to replace it and possibly the other speakers. At the moment, I am not looking to replace the factory amp.
I am somewhat guessing that the door speakers are 4" midranges, the tweeters are well, tweeters and in the back are full-range 6.5"

I have a pair of pioneer speakers I intend to put in the back. They are pretty good (bass is kinda lacking, esp with only 45W max pioneer cd deck) My primary question is what midranges do I want? Does anyone have the specs on the factory amp/factory 3way stereo? I assume the crossovers are built into the amp. Is that correct? I am willing to spend anywhere from 100 to 200 for a pair of 4" or possibly 5.25" (I can do a little modding) midrange or full-range but I would like to make sure they work/sound good with the factory amp.

Thanks for any advice.

95TT BPU++
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