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I've looking into clutches deciding what will be best for my application. Will be putting 450 + at the rear wheels.

I've heard tons of good things about the Spec stage 3, but very little about the stage 3+.

Here is some info on the stage 3+

For heavily modified street and race engines making more torque than the Stage 3 can support. Offers good daily drivability and better manageability than the stage 3, with even better wear characteristics.

High clamp pressure plate, full-faced carbon metallic friction, high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit.

Seems better in every way, is there any reason why I shouldn't get a stage 3+ over the stage 3? Seems like the extra $120.00 is well worth it.

Anyone using this clutch currently? I'd like to know how it's holding up and any opinions on it.


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I would rather go with a sprung clutch than an unsprung clutch any day of the week.

With that being said; if both clutches are @ the same peak HP hold and about the same cost, I would choose the 3+ just for streetability; the 6 puck is hard as hell for regular every day driving (or so I have heard).

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i had the same decision to make so i called rob at 935 and we decided on the stage 3+ and i love it to death. the pedel is not stiff at all. very spingy and responsove witch i love. i have used it with a t78 for a short time on low boost but i have yet to test its full potential. id get the 3+ call 935 they get you the best price.
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