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Hey guys, i have been lookin and have not found any complete answers, wondering if you could help.

my speed o meter stopped working, but only the MPH, the RPM are still working. the questions begin. I have heard that we have 3 cables.

1. are the 3 cables together in the one sleeve coming from the tranny?
2. if so, how do i just change the MPH cable?
3. or if they are seperate are they in seperate sleeves?
As you can tell i have completely lost on this one.
4. does each the rpm and the MPH have their own cable/ connection...?
5. if so where does the third cable go?

The replacement job.
6. How big of a job is it, i know you have to remove the cluster but i have never done this, can you replace it from the bottom by just removing the plastic underdash covers?

if any one could spare the time for a brief walkthrough!
7. I believe a friend of mine has a cable from a car he is junking, what do i need to take from that car to replace on mine?

Well guys this one, i have no clue on and i really do appericate any info you can give.

Much Appericated

SF in my veins... sigh
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They are three cables... end to end to end... that go from the Trans to the Speedo :)

Can't help much on the replacement issue... I know the first one is accessable from under the car... the rest... not sure how easy.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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