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I know that this should probably be in a different section but im not finding any info on the other forums. I need to try and find someone that can fix this.

Alright im sick of searching and not finding the right answers. Well I have the 2jzgte motor with the stock sc300 auto gears which are 4.27 but my speedometer is totaly off(im also running a TT auto trans). When i go 65 on the freeway it says im doing about 90. Im wondering if install the supra tt rear end with 3.77 gears would that correct my speedo problem. I know about the yellow box. but i want to correct this without going an temporary fixing this.

What else could i try to fix the speedo problem. come on guys chime in. i bet that most the swapped sc s out there doesnt have this problem so what could it be.
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