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hey Curt i had a question for you. can i send back a part if i got the wrong one again?
First i ordered the 33482-39315 gear. but this one was wrong it was the same as my auto speedo gear way to small
Then i ordered the 33403-29115 gear. but this one was also wrong it is the speedo gear for a r154 still 2 teeth to small

and i just did some searching and found a MKIII thread for the gear and you said the 33482-39315 Gear, List 19.98 Cost 15.25 was or the na supra. w58 transition but this cant be right b.c thats what i ordered first and it was way to small and identical to my auto speedo gear.

I am very confused on what parts number is for the W58????

did some more research and found
33403-29135 Gear List 25.66 Cost 18.98
33403-29125 GEAR LIST 25.15 COST 18.60
car is 1993 sc300 but has a mkiii supra w58 tranny with stock auto diff from sc300. the original gear inside looked like it had 35 teeth ish and the 32 teeth r154 was a little smaller.
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