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Speedometer cable failing on 89 Turbo Automatic

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I'm trying to figure out how brand new speedometer cables would fail less than 300 miles from installation. I meticulously threaded the new upper cable into place and installed a new bottom 'elbow' section that connects to the transmission. I have replaced the upper and lower sections twice in the past 6 months. It appears that the upper cable overheats, binds up, then the bottom section unwinds and breaks. The center section was not replaced and appears to be fine. Does anyone have a theory on this?
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did your cable come with the insolation and is it routed agaainst the firewall?
Speedometer cable failing

Yes, the cable was brand new from Toyota and routed against the firewall with the clips that hold it in place. All the insulation on a new cable was in place when installed.
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