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Can anyone tell me spring length for eibach's on coilovers? I know what rate im going with but not length.

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Thanck's JW. This is going to be for drag, does this matter? I posted here becaues you guy's seem to know susp. best.

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The rear spring rate will be a lot more critical than the front...
especially with drag racing. The same could almost be said
about valving....but the front and rear are both critical
for a proper launch. Just make sure your dampers (shocks) are properly set-up for drag racing..not street or roadracing.

I was getting ready to say that spring length won't matter squat
on a drag car...but then thought about it for a minute. If I'm wrong on this one...someone speak up. The front spring length
shouldn't be much of an use the 8 or 9 if you have a
short travel distance (save a little weight). Considering the
rear valving used...I would go for a little longer rear spring to prevent total compression of the spring during rear weight transfer. Then it all leads back to spring rate and compression

Have fun and good luck.

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