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Well i ordered a new pair of brake bads and shim kits for my rear tire thinking the noise was due from a worn down pad. But when i checked it it has as much pad as the new set. The noise only comes from the rear tire on the drivers side. It doesnt squeak when i brake in reverse, on when going forward? I have no idea what the fuck this is?

My brake lights went out. Im not sure for how long they have been out. I checked the fuses and they are good, so its not that. The top brake light (light on the hatch) works when i brake but the tailights are not working when i brake? My freind says it has to be the wiring because we swapped fuses and everytime the top brake light woud work but the tailights woudnt? When i turn on the lights the two red lights on the taillights turn on but they still dont work when i brake?

Please help,

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