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Squeaky noise from rear sway bar

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Hi, I have been having squeaky noise that I suspect is coming from the rear sway bar. I have a stock sway bar and it has about 90K mile on it.

I'm about to remove the rear sway bar and put some lithium grease on the bushings to try to eliminate the squeaky noise. What tools do I need for this DIY ?

Can someone who has done this, please give me some tips and instructions.

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If you have a socket set, you will be able to do it.

Later, Steve
Rear bar is easy to remove........ just pop the rear end up in the air and you'll figure it out real quick.

take care,
When does it squeak? Have you considered a faulty rear wheel bearing? Is it coming from the drivers side? My car has 80,000 miles on it and, I had this squeak that was driving me nuts. Put the car up on jack stands to try and figure it out but could find nothing. Turns out it was the rear wheel bearing.
Ryan: Actually, I am just guessing that it is the swaybar..

How did you find out your problem was a faulty wheel bearing ? When does yours squeak ? Mine makes noise whenever the rear tires go through bumps. What could be the problem ?

Thanks for all the suggestion. BTW, to remove the sway bar, will I need to remove the exhaust ? I have a TRD exhaust.

I could only hear it sqeak at very low speeds, I mean like pulling away slowly from a stop sign or something, it sounded like every rotation of the wheel there was a slight creaking noise. I found out what the problem when I pulled off the rear caliper to change the pads and I noticed all kinds of play in the rotor. I'm talking like a full 2mm in each direction. It was REAL bad! I'm actually still in the process of changing it, it's a real pain in the ass.
i have the same problem as lurker here as well..

Okay.. I applied lithium grease on both sides of the rear sway bar bushings. Just have to remove two bolts for each side.

But, the squeak is still there!! Any suggestions ?

While I have the car up on jack stands, I also applied grease on each mouting point of the rear suspension. Well, at least now I know it's not the rear sway bar.
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