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Squealing Noise coming from engine

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I have this squealing noise coming from the pulley area. Does anyone have an idea of what it may be?
What can I do to try to narrow the prob down to one thing? This idea may be insane, but can i use WD-40 to try to fix the prob? Thanks
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I wouldn't use WD-40.

I had my crank pully seperate, that made a horrific squealing noise. Also, if your water pump is going bad, that could aslo cause a squealing noise.

The obvious thing would be your belts.

If you use WD40 on your belts, that would only cause them to slip more.


I'm going to replace the belts first to see if that stops the squealing noise. This prob needs to be done anyways. And I'll check all the pulleys while I'm at it.
one way to tell if it is your belt is go to autozone and pick up some belt spray (it's like 2 dollars), spray it on and if the squeel is gone then it was your belt. you need to change the belt because the spray stuff doesnt last more than a month or so. also if you change the belt and the squeel is still there you might need to change the belt tensioner, let me know in that case because i have the belt tensioner's part # (it was a big pain in the ass for me to get it when i had to change mine).
hey, do you guys know how much it is normally to get the belt changed? cuz i'm going to get mine changed soon, and i just need an idea from you guys who have had it replaced already

will try the spray as a temp. I'm assuming that it shouldn't cause any slipping??
Well if you change it yourself the belt is only 20 dollars and only takes about 10 minutes, you dont really need any tools either. If you take it in to get it done they will charge you between 60-80 dollars.
You don't need any "special" tools or you don't need any tools at all to change it? I don't see how I can change change it without any tools.. That would be too easy..
The only tool you need is a ratchet with the right size socket on it to put on the tensioner bolt. If you press down on the ratchet, it will move the tensioner enough to get the belt out.
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