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My dad helped me with a break job (well, I should say I helped my dad :)) about two months ago. Got new rotors on the rear, new break pads, and a new caliper on the passenger side (all on the rear here--fronts were fine) Well, ever since we got 'em on, they squeek 'till you use them a couple times then it goes away.

It's really annoying. They'll squeek when you aren't pressing the break and they'll squeek more when you do, which lead tells me it's not the emergency (drum) breaks or anything (because we did tighten that up while we were back there) It'll happen in drive or reverse. My dad said it should go away in about a week, but it never did and now it's just annoying as hell. They work excellent, no shimmy or anything when you use them. It's just those first couple times you hit the breaks when you first get in, that you'll hear it. Once you pump 'em a couple times while you're driving, it goes away.

Anyway, anybody have any idea of what I could check? Or do you need more details?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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