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Stock and performance parts that can be used on 1JZs originally designed for the 2JZ

Here are a list of something that I have been asked if they are interchangeable on the 1JZ from the 2JZ:

1) The rod and main bearings.

2) The head bolts, crank and rod bolts from stock or ARP either bolts or studs w/nuts.

3) The pistons including the wrist pins, wrings and locks.

4) The head gasket, stock or aftermarket.

5) stock side feed or after market side feed high ohm injectors. Low ohm injectors require wiring in the 7M or preferably 2JZ injector resistor pack.

6) Water pump and housing when replacing the hydro fan to electric or clutch fan.

7) Cams are normally not interchangeable with out some grinding on the 2JZ cam and having it spun balanced, HKS, Jun and Blitz all make 256, 264, and 272 cams for the 1JZ.

8) Cam shims, springs, retainers, Valves and springs, along with buckets are interchangeable.

9) turbos are not directly interchangeable and require a degree of machining to swap out the 12As for 12b.
The list will be updated as I remember and acquire more info.

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This is perfect 51 cards

This is exactly what I had in mind. Maybe it can become a sticky.

"Ok... I have a rare engine... where do I get parts in North America???

I have seen many people asking one of two questions:

A. Where can I get parts for my 1JZ?

B. What parts are interchangable between the 1JZ and the 7M or 2JZ?

I have posted the following list a couple of times on various forums but I figured I should finally post it someplace permanent. So here you go... this is what is interchangable between the 3 engines... the 7M, the 1JZ-GTE, and the 2JZ-GTE. Also below I have added where you can source a few of the other common parts for the 1JZ engine. Anyone who sees errors or has additions please contact me and I will keep this list up to date.

Common parts between the 7M and 1JZ
- Clutch kits (but not flywheel)
- Cat back Exhausts
- 89+ motor mounts (rubber part)
- Anything trans (R154) related
- Anything gauge related
- Rad (if you're not using the 1J hydro fan setup)
- Driveshaft/Diff

Common parts between the 2JZ and 1JZ
- Power steering pump
- Alternator
- Spark plugs (ngk 3330 and 6097)
- US spec 550cc injectors (resistor pack needed)
- JDM Spec 440cc injectors (drop in upgrade)
- Water Pump (requires removal of the 1J hydro fan and a 2J pulley)
- Head gasket (although most other gaskets do not swap, get a 1J set to do it right)
- Clutch fan (if you use a MKIV water pump and pulley)
- Serpentine belt (but NOT timing belt - see below)
- Oil filter and relocation kits
- Intercooler kits
- Plug coils
- Cam gears (incl aftermarket adjustable)
- JDM 2JZ Map sensor
- Ignitor

For a 1JZ timing belt:

The 1988+ Isuzu Trooper 4 cylinder 2.6 liter engine (4ZEL) uses the same belt as the Toyota 1JZ engine. So instead of getting a belt from Japan (~$100) you can pick up an Isuzu Trooper belt locally at an auto parts store for about $30 US. Make Sure You Get The 4 Cylinder 2.6 Litre Engine Belt!

Timing belt specs: 137 teeth, 25mm wide

For an aftermarket flywheel:

Order a 7M fly but have the 2J bolt pattern drilled into it.

Very general rule of thumb:

From the Clutch/Trans back it's a regular MKIII Supra (save for the Torsen diffs) From the FlyWheel/Bellhousing forward, it's 70% 1J / 30% 2J parts.

If it's not on the above lists... assume the part to be unique to the 1JZ. If you find a 1JZ part that is interchangable, or can be sourced elsewhere and is not on this list please contact me and I will add the information to this page.

Contact info can be found at the bottom of my main page here:

Last updated: Dec 16, 2003

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Filling required.

I used a set of 2JZ piston rings in my 2.5 block and only have to file the piston a little for the top ring . It worked ok. You can get the correct thickness for the rings by measuring the 1JZ ones and ordering them from Hasting or the like.

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This is a great thread... I am about to purchase a half clip from Jarco, and I plan to rebuild the motor before it goes into the car. It's good to know that 2JZ pistons and rings will work in the car. It's also good to know about the bearings, because I was curious to know this...

Anyone know where to source a gasket set to do a rebuild?


- Hams.

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1JZ doesn't run a No1 Main bearing (23mm width) in the first main cap - it runs soley No2 bearings (20mm width).

$100USD for a timing belt? Tell me you're joking. You can pick them up for $44AUD ($33?USD) from Toyota Oz.

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Shipping stuff across the ocean is a PITA and lots of toyota dealerships in the USA like to gouge people on special orders like that.

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Trannies...from what I've learned so far...and OB1 JZA70, you're my hero for the flywheel thing...I didn't know they could do that...just gotta build a budget for it...

MKIV W58 (?NA) is bolt on with 2jz W58 Flywheel
MKIV V160/161 is bolt on with appropriate flywheel
MKIV Auto...same story

MKIII W58 and R154 need the 1jz-GTE 5 speed bell housing to bolt on. W58 will require a custom flywheel for the NA MKIII with the 2jz-GTE bolt pattern drilled in. R154 will need the 1jz-GTE 5 speed flywheel or a custom 7m-GTE flywheel with the 2jz-GTE bolt pattern drilled in.

MKII manual trannies require the same. Tranny linked to a 1jz bell housing with either a 1jz-GTE 5 speed flywheel or a custom 5mGE flywheel with the 2jz bolt pattern drilled into it.

MKIII and MKII Autos will require the 1jz-GTE or 2jz-GTE auto bell housing, TC, and flywheel. I'm vague on this but this as it's hard to find info...not many people go with the auto.

Things I'm unclear on...

Are the 1jz and 2jz manual (W58) bell housings the same?

If a machine shop taps holes in the 1jz/2jz patern around the 7m-GE or GTE flywheel will it effect performance?

Also, for those custom flywheels with the 2jz pattern...this may be common knowledge...but Fidanza is happy to help you.

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Fadonza and Mueller fabrication both can help you with the 2jz bolt pattern 7M flywheels. I spoke with Rob at RPS and he said he could do the 2JZ carbon Carbon clutchs with the R154 spline clutch which would give the big hp guys some added clutch surface. This would aid in slipping the clutch for instant boost. The added area provides the needed clamping area for 700+ applications that are in the making as I type. TRD stamped (Exceedy) twin and triple disk clutches come with the flywheel for the 1JZ GTE and are quite streetable. Blitz also can get there 1JZ twin disk to us over here in the US. W 58 trannies wouldn't be my choice with the addition torque of the JZ engines.

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I have no idea how I manage to slaughter "Fodonza" so badly every time I write it...

OB1 JZA70 said:
W 58 trannies wouldn't be my choice with the addition torque of the JZ engines.
Just thought I'd throw it up there for other folks like me. I'm going to bolt up my W58 until I get my hands on an R154...which should take about a month...if the W58 lasts that long...:D...

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silkky21 said:
r the 2 oil pans the same meaning the bottom part ::black: not the top which is aluminumcuz i am in need of one for my 1jz-supra
The 1JZ and 2JZ rear sump oil pans are the same.

bdekoning said:
thanks, where can i find these/how much should one expect to pay for used ones?
That's going to be tough. I'd say find someone parting out their JZA70 clip, but even then they might not be willing to sell individual parts off the engines. Probably your best bet is either finding the part numbers for the engine mount brackets and calling Jay Marks Toyota, or just contacting Arnout in the Netherlands, since he's a good source of 1JZ-specific parts. His page is here:

Excellent resource, too.

Good luck,

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