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Stall when stopped!?

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Okay I drove my Supra out today to see Dent Wizzard (sigh...), when I was at the stop sign, the only thing I did is change the air vent from underneath to top/underneath direction, the a huge stall came up... Anyone had this happened before? My Supra is BPUed and with Rapidfire spark plugs.
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do you have an aftermarket bov?
I used to have one... but the first gen Blitz BOV is broken. So a performance shop here use a metal plate to block the BOV until I get a new Blitz 2nd gen BOV.
I am still using my stock BOV... was using both stock and Blitz one before... The Blitz BOV was mounted on the hardpipe to the throttle, and lines were disconnected. Is there any way to check the compressor myself?
Check you Idle speed controller

If you havent done so yet, check your idle speed controller, sometimes they build up carbon and get sticky. IT should click when you turn the car off if you listen under the hood. Next to the intake manifold between heads and intake manifold. If not there are 2 other things that usually do it. I am struggling with it as well.

Where is the idle speed controller located at? What if there is no "click" sound?
no sound?

There should be a repeated clicking sound actually once the car turns off, if there is no sound that that would be your best bet. hmmmmm.. how to explain exactly where it is. well.... usually they are nto cleaned when they go bad they are usually replaced however if you are brave adn mechanically inclined clean it. IT takes about 30 minutes total. Youll need some high flash point solvent, a tooth brush, some professional lubricant oil, and a few minor tools for removel and dissasembly.

The ISC is located near the rear of the intake manifold on the engien side. raned our looking at the car from the front with the hood up. There is a LARGE vaccum line that connects your turbo manifold to the ISC. It is metal. IF you follow the vaccum lines on the rear of the firewall the realy large one will run into it. It is um errrrrr... maybe 3/4 inch in diameter. ITs big you cant miss it. There are 2 bolts that hold the ISC to the intake manifold. There are also 2 lines that run antifreeze to and from it ont eh lower side that are hard to see. (this is to help bring it up to operating temp) Remove the vaccum line, there is a rubber connection, then remove the bolts, adn the lin clamps. There will be several pieces that come out of the intake manifold, apy attention to placement and direction, be careful not to damage the one way diapghram. misspelled..... fuck it.

once you have removed it and are looking at it remove the srews holdign it together and pullit apart. There are not that many peices to it. clean the carbon of the spinner awith the flash solvent and use a toothbrush if it is stubburn (the spinner is black) also clean the diaphram with flash solvent, dont lose the small thin washers. inside the case you will see the bearings and the magnetic sides. do not clean that with flash solvent if anything you want a little lube in there but thats all.

once you have the parts celaned reinstall and listen fot eh clicking sound when the car is turned off. IT is unmistakeable.

I know this is not the best directions possible but give me a break I am trying to tell you as much as I can without looking at it my self. Once you have done it once you will see how simple it really is and most liekly not have to do it again as it does nto occur that often. (hopefully)

Goodluck. sorry no pics but my car is in the shop for major body repairs. Not my fault, some asshole hit my while I was parked changing a tire!!!! damn it.

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Obiwan, thanks a lot for the direction. I'll take a look tonite or tomorrow morning. :D
holy crap!!!

I had no idea a person could make that many spelling errors in one post! LOL!!! Sorry about that I was in a hurry when I wrote it, if it doesnt make sense let me know. I can try to explain a bit more elaborately. ( and slowly) hehehe

Okay, don't have time to take a look of the ISC until today. I can't find where ISC is (I am an idiot when it comes to car componenets, that's why I am trying to learn my Supra little by lttle :) ), but I did found a couple other things that I was wodering why they aren't connect... I have attached two pictures, please advise me what are those, and should those have wires connected or something... :(

Look like to me something is not connect, what is that?

Something here?

Sorry if those pictures are too large
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Well the second thing is nothing so dont worry about it, there all like that. It looks like a tube that goes no where and should. Not worth the time to explain just forget about it.

Secondly the connector that is dissconnected is hard for me to tell what it is. IF I was looking at my own engine I could figure it out. If there is a receptacle for it though PLUG IT IN and see what happens. There are a few Vaccum runs that seem a little confusing to me however. And one that is capped as well. What type of boost controller are you running? I think that will help me to figure it out.

I am running Profec B... however, I think it is not connected right b/c when I running at high boost, my first gear only goes to 9 PSI, then 2nd to 12, 3rd to 16-17. Was expecting more boosting since I am close to full BPU (downpipe, exhaust, intake, hardpipe, boost controller, bcc, and tranny cooler). I did found a place where the plug should go into and plugged into it. Do you think it could be the problem casusing the car to stall?
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