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i had a machine shop rebuild my long block in august, had a shop install the motor in september, but i only had them install it. I have the timing set at 10 degrees tdc, it's getting fire, it's getting fuel, and it's trying to turn over. I have changed the timing around a little, along with different settings on the cps, tried out different coilpacks and cps', and can't get it to idle. The damn thing will stumble a little, but it's rough and won't really turn over all the way. I have tried SO many different things to get this peice to start and don't know where to look anymore. Could the machine shop have flipped my cams around? Does anyone see what I haven't done?

the motor had a basic rebuild, but it was bored .040 over, crank was lightened, and clevitte 77 rod bearings. nothing to the cams or stroke or anything.

Somebody PLEASE let me know something,
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