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Started my car last night!!!!!

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I am 90% done with my turbo conversion, and last night my spark plugs came, so I could put the rest of the intake on (something I left partially unfinished from the headgasket job) and hook up all the lines and stuff. I filled all the fluids, connected fuel lines, etc and put the battery back in, and nervously turned the key......

.... VROOOOOM ....

Now keep in mind that I started this project a couple months ago, and have been doing every mod without the ability to make sure it was done right until it was almost all done. Will the headgasket seal? Is the timing set close enough to idle? Will the new fuel lines and fittings hold pressure? Will the walbro spark and blow me sky high? Did I put the clutch in right? Did I remove the right stuff when I scrapped the EGR system? Will my oil pan leak? Kind of like building a house and not nowing if the lights will work until the furniture is put in.

At any rate, it idled well and sounded bad ass! No downpipe yet, so the exhaust just roaring out of the back of the turbo :) I am flattbedding my car to Exhaust Pros next week to have the downpipe, test pipe, and supply IC pipe made up. After that, I just need to hook up the AIC, and put the seats in and I am good to go.

Oh what a feeling!
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Sweeet !!!

What kit do you have or did you put it together yourself?? What turbo? Congrats man !!! Any pics of the install?? What was the hardest part of the install?
See I'll be installing my Kit in about 4 weeks so I'm trying to get some idea of how hard ie would be.. and get some kind of tips :)
Thanks.. and CONGRATS !!!!

Awesome Frank! Glad to hear that she's running again! I too would like to see pics. :D
Frankenstein said:
.... VROOOOOM ....

good luck finishing her up... keep us informed
awesome news! time to get a license plate that reads something like "frankenstein" to compliment your car.

i hope you're taking pics and documenting the process.
Thanks for the support you guys. It has been a long road, and one that I am glad to be done with, but will surely be well worth it in a month :)

I will get pics of the completed engine bay after I get the downpipe and IC pipe plumbed.

I wish I would have done a better job taking pics and documenting, but there is so much work that I just want to get through it and don't stop to take pics. If I would have had a buddy helping, then I could have taken a ton more pics.
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