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hey guy i just purchased a greddy 3row fmic off badboymkiv

and damn the fit is tight, this is my 1st time takin on something of this magnitude on this supra

i worked on FD's all the time and those are a sinch, but the mk4 is a pain in the pass but well worth it

i have the ic mounted and pipes ran except for the on goin to the TB

im kinda stuck on one part tho, the part where the pipe comin from ic to pipe to TB there are a/c line there which prevents the pipe from entering

do i need to slightly bent the pipes forward a bit so i can squeeze the pipe through??

heres some pics

thanx to lawrence and chris for helpin me out


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RussianMKIV said:
LOL mkiv's - pita? HAHAHAHA
i guess you've never worked on a 3/s or z32 LOL

supras are one of the EASIEST cars to work on.
i can have a stock engine out in less than 2 hrs all by myself.
i said im used to workin' on FD's, i just got this car last week

good for you though

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Supras are easy to work on once you get the car out of the way. The engine isn't all that easy to work with in the car. I remove the engines when I remove the head on these cars. That makes it a snap. Just hate getting my back in pain I guess.


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joe i completely agree, but im only 20 and i have back pains :( lol

anyways 4hrs later im DONE!!!!!!

group pic

just gotta do a lil polished and get my bomex kit

thANX FOR the help fellas and members on this board


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Looks good, I was going to say i can meet you and help you out but it looks like you already got it done. Very clean and bright.
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