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I have an interesting problem, i'm speaking to a dealer about
an MKIII. The dealer tells me that the Alarm Module is missing
and therefore the vehicle will not start.

Now I have no idea why it's missing, but could anyone point me
in the right direction to bypass the starter kill on this car. I can do
soldering/wiring, but I just can't find a wiring diagram of the
alarm module connector, therefore I'm unable to get this vehicle
started (and no I don't want to push start it to get back home).

I repeat, there is -no alarm module-, but there was a factory
alarm on this car. the alarm module is missing, I need to know
how to BYPASS this alarm module to enable the starter relay.


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I can assure you that the car will run without it..I ripped mine out cause it was being a pain in the ass and shorting, While doing that it went off everytime i opend the door. and stayed on..

But anyways
The car will run without it

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eh? the car will run without it...

the FACTORY alarm module? the one that ties with the security
light in the dash?

edit: wait wait. the car should definitely run without it, but will
the car START without it. I don't think so.

Otherwise, a thief could remove the alarm module (the actual
module in the dash) and start the car...

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Supra Junky 101 said:
"but will
the car START without it. I don't think so."

Mine does . Starts and runs.

let me get this straight, cause I don't think we're all being clear

You have an aftermarket alarm?

and, your FACTORY alarm module was REMOVED, you are SURE
of this?
you did the work yourself? or was it professionally done?

if it was professional, i'm preety sure they bypassed it.

if not, your factory alarm module is removed, you have an
aftermarket alarm, and you had to do NO bypassing on the
factory module to get the car to start?

A long time ago I saw a conversation about someone removing the alarm on the old SOGI list. Basically they had to bypass the starter kill, other then that it was simply unplug it and remove whatever you want. Sorry I can't remember exactly what needed to be done. You should be able to look at a wiring diagram and figure out what I'm talking about.
- Bishop92T
Now. if I can just find the wiring diagram, or this old SOGI list?
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