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ok I took almost everything out of my car after smog check here in CA, mod I have now is APEX FMIC, HKS SUPER DRAGGER exhaust catback, AEM CAM GEARS, greddy pulley kit (no crank) BCC install (with this set up I Pass smog in CA) what I have lying in the garage is RMM DP, also a replica RMM DP, a HKS BOV, a greddy BOV, Greddy profec B, and K&N cone air intake system, I'm just looking for 390 RWH on a dynojet. what can I do,
in the pass I think I install the Profec B wrong, I went to MKIV.COM and follow instruction on the APEX AVCR and do it that way I'm not sure it the same,

also BEST time 1/4 please don't laugh but only 13.67 at 108 MPH

I was running 91 octane

also who is this henry and sushi from the bay area I think I know them

Henry black supra sushi has the red supra correct me if I'm wrong
also anyone know how to contact them
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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