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Steering and walnut fascia

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Looking at changing my MR2 Turbo and being loyal to Toyota I looked at a couple of Supra's at the weekend. Overall I was impressed but I have a couple of questions.

1) Wasn't 100% happy with the steering. Although direct it felt pretty dead and potholes, road undulations etc. seemed to cause a kick back through the wheel. This applied to 2 cars. Perhaps it was diwn to the road I tested the cars on? Can't see anyone else commenting on it!
2) One of the Supra's I looked at had a few years ago had a walnut fascia. Do you know whether these are available to purchase in the UK and if so, what kind of cost am I looking at?

Hope this elicits some replies!
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Pne of the worst things about the supra is the feel of the steering. Unfortunatly just the way it was designed. The NSX and Porsche have so much better "feel" however the car handles well it just does not communicte it as well. Look for the site on the for sale section for the carbon fiber they also sell a wood fascia. You didn't ask my opinion about it so I won't tell.
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