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Can anyone help me identify the appropriate colored wires on the stereo harness for supplying:
12v constant
12v switched ignition
Amp turn on wire
Illumination - purple wire?
Fader control?

The previous owner had the following wires crimped when he installed a new aftrmkt headunit used w an aftermkt amp:
pink/blue wire
green/br dots
black w red stripe
light green
brown wires

Please help!! Thanks

Lee's Car Stereo-Cen Cal
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Accesory GRAY (+)
Ground BROWN (-)
Illumination GREEN (+)
Power Antenna BLACK/RED (+)
LF Speaker (+) PINK
LF Speaker (-) VIOLET
RF Speaker (+) LIGHT GREEN
RF Speaker (-) BLUE
LR Speaker (+) BLACK
LR Speaker (-) YELLOW
RR Speaker (+) RED
RR Speaker (-) WHITE
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