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I know, this is like the billionth stereo thread, but i searched and couldnt find what i needed... Heres the deal, I have 2 4' speakers i wanna put in the front, how do i go about that? i think you have to take the door panel off??? how?? Also if i were to put my sub in a hole in the back would that sound good... what is the best way to mount my 10' sub in the trunk and still have room for the targa,spare tire and amp... any/ all help would be appreciated!!

Ps anyone paint their mesh speaker cover things?? does it look good, thinking red!!


The stock enclosure up front allows for the 4" speaker. You just take the door panel off and you can have easy access to it.

To take it off, there are two screws covered by small plastic cups up towards the very front, remove the speaker grille and there are two screws there. On the handle to close the door from the inside there are also two caps you must pull off to get to screws deep down in there. Then there are 4 screws or so along the very bottom of the panel.

Dont forget to remove the light and take the harness off of it before you start removing the panel. Slide the panel up and off it comes.

Depending on the kind of sub you have would depend if it's gonna sound good in just a hole. All subs really (except free air's) need a real enclosure for proper sound. Without having something completely custom such as my stereo and some other guys' that do it, you really can't get the targa in there too easily.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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