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Yes!, I can't seem to figure out how to connect the stock amp to the stock stereo. One harness connects to the antenna relay, to the stereo, and I have no idea where or how to hook up the amp to the stereo...Is there maybe a harness I'm missing that adapts somewhere?.

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What are you doing!!?!?!?!? All I see from
you radio this, radio that! :D just kidding,
I thought you were gonna go visit Thomas/Mike
and see what they could do for you? Now then,
what exactly are you trying to do? As I
recall, you have a '93, and the prev owner
put in a new system, and then pulled it
before he sold it to you? and now you
have a 97(?) stock cd-player that you want
to connect to your '93 AMP and wiring...

Is that what I am understanding?

look at these picture from the electrical
change the page number to see more, 211-218

There are 6 harnesses involved.

1 big on goes to the back of the cd-player.
this one has Power-In, Batt-In, ground-in, ANT up, AMP on, 5 speaker pairs out...

3 are on the right bottom side of the
console area (below and to the right of
where the cd-player sits). These are the
out from AMP leading to speakers harnesses.

2 are on the passenger side of the amp.
one is IN from cd-player, the other is
OUT to the 3 harnesses that then go
to the speakers speakers

'94 tt
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