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Stereo stolen, now I have no headlights?!?

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My stereo was stolen about 2 weeks ago, 2 grand worth of damage to interior parts (not including cd deck). That is fine, insurance covered that, but my problem is this, after the car was repaired i parked it for several days and when I took it out for a spin I attempted to turn on the headlights but they wouldn't turn on, instead every side marker, gauge, heater control, brake lights and turn signal all flash about 4-5 times every second, checked all fuses and visible wires (not removing gauge cluster) and I cannot find the problem. The shop that did the work is reluctant to foot the repair bill and im fighting them on that but any suggestions would be helpful.
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sounds like they might of cut something they shouldnt of, or hooked up something wrong. get them to fix it again, or probably just pay for someone else to do it
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