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Ah boy here it goes, I ripped out my stock cd player and made the installation kit i bought for it. I went to rewire it and i was like o god way different. So I cut the wires and found the power ones. All of that works but my problem is i dont know the color codes for the speakers. Were can I find this!??!? My other problem is when I connect the wires I get some type of feedback like when i mute you here a humming noise. Thanks


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HELP!!!! Any help is needed i have all my wires hanging out and every time i try to find the power wires the cd player dosnt shut off when the key is off and out. Any wire diagrams please help.


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hehe j/k, but next time you install a stereo DO NOT EVER CUT THE FACTORY WIRING HARNESS, BUY AN ADAPTER THAT IS MADE FOR YOUR CAR!!!!!!!!

Ok I'm assuming you got the power all right. And the best way to find the speakers is just do one at a time. I'm assuming that you know the basics of how a speaker works, (i.e. positive wire, negative wire for each speaker). If I remember correctly the negative wires all have the stripe going down them and the positives are jsut solid. Strip the ends off of every speaker wire and have a roll of tape ready. Just touch them together and keep tryin until you get the front door speaker playing, then LABEL IT WITH THE TAPE AND MARKER! Do this until you get them all, (its gonna take a little while) and then DO NOT TAKE THE MARKED PIECES OF TAPE OFF!! Cause just in case you ever gotta pull it out and unhook you won't have to do this again. Then you say the CD player isn't turning off. Well this is because you need to hook up the dam whats it called, shit i dunno ignition wire or something, i can't remember. But anyways you will basically have 2 positive power wires going to your cd player. One that is a constant and the other turns the cd player off and on when the key is inserted and pulled out. I'm just going off memory from a year ago, but I THINK the wire is either orange or yellow, this is tthe one that you need to hook to your probably orange or yellow wire on the CD player. But if these are not the colors just keep trying. But if I were you I'd go to some sort of shop and get a new factory harness put on and then go buy one that adapts to it so that you can connect it all up EASILY. Oh yea, hopefully your wires aren't too short, cause then you'll have to extend them. Good luck!

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Ok, on the new stereo there are only 4 for 12v and a yellow for memory, and then black for ground, and then the blue for power antena. Then all the wires for the speakers...lets do one thing at a do i hook up the power any idea (to correctly turn on and off)

Using a light tester the only wire that will stay on when the key is off and when the key is on is the dark blue........but its the ONLY wire thats on when the key is on. Any ideas?

Thanks Justin

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1990supra said:
Using a light tester the only wire that will stay on when the key is off and when the key is on is the dark blue........but its the ONLY wire thats on when the key is on. Any ideas?
That is impossible. I guarantee there is another wire somewhere that is your ignition/accessory power. If this were not the case, car stereos would be left on 24 hours a day, reguardless if the car is running or not... so the other wire is there.. you just have to find it. You will have 3-4 wires. Find the constant power (ON no matter if key in/out, on/off, ...), an ignition power (ON only when the key is turned to the ignition or acces position). To find the illumination wire, test to see what wire lights up your test light only when your lights are on. These three wires are guaranteed to be in your car. Your car may not have a wire for power antenna if you dont have a power antenna on your car. So if you do have a power antenna, find that wire, otherwise the blue wire on your stereo will not be used. Finally there is the ground. You do not need to find a ground wire from your car, you can just take your ground wire from the stereo and ground it to any screw, hole, ... part of your metal chassis (be sure to test that it is a good ground by grounding your power light on it and touching it to a live wire)

Mr. Gotsnoboost is right... never cut your factory wires. Always buy a harness. I would even think about reattaching all the wires you cut and getting a harness from Discount Auto Parts, ...

But if you want to go on, here are the standard Toyota wire color codes, but depending on what kind of car you have, if you have a built in amp, ... they may be different but here is what I have (again, I would test to make sure each wire on your car is the same as these!!!)

Constant +12 = Blue/Yellow
Ignition +12 = Gray
Ground - = Brown
Illumination = Green
Dimmer = White/Green
Power Antenna = Black/Red

RF+ Light Green
RF- Blue
LF+ Pink
LF- Violet
RR+ Red
RR- White
LR+ Black
LR- Yellow

Hope this helps
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