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Steve Jarvis more wheel offset help

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In a previous post you said the standard wheel offset was 50mm front & rear. Want to put 18 x 8 1/2 front & 91/2 rear Racing Hart M5's very similar to your C5's. Dealer may have mistakenly or on purpose sold me 17 offset for both front & rear since they had them in stock. Obvviously had terrible rubbing problem. Dazz/RH says that 39mm for front & 44 rear,but that seems in conflict with what you say. What offsets for your C5's? Is ideal offset 50mm? Any wheel bearing or other negative issues with above 39 & 44 offsets recommended by RH? BTW mine is 95 NA if that makes any difference. Tires are Pirelli P7000SS 235-18-40 front & 255-18-235 rear. Originally wanted C5's,but was told they were discontinued. didn't want to do that if they ever needed replacement. Yours or others expertise & help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Sorry about long post. Car parked until issue resolved.
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I didn't know that Racing Hart made 1/2" sizes. The C5's were 18x9" 41mm offset and the rear was 18x10" 45mm offset. the 39/44 offset combo will work, if you continue to run a narrow front tire. A 245/275 combo is probably the widest you will be able to run with that setup. I would try to get at least a 9" 41mm offset front wheel and at least a 10" 44mm offset rear wheel.

Later, Steve
Thanks Steve!

Yes RH does make 1/2's As post said, M5's were 8 81/2 front & 9 1/2 rear. Unfortunately only 17 offset. Fight with dealer will be to get wheels replaced with proper offsets. Since I already have virtually new tires, will stay with those. Since I'm kinda lame mechanically, would appreciate info if 17 offsets would cause wheel bearing or any other problems? Already developing a sort of "grinding" sound after less than 1000 mi.? As mentioned before, stopped driving car when problem discovered. Thanks in advance for anyones additional help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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