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How the hell do you get something to stick to this dash?

Does anyone else have a badly calibrated gas gauge???
Mine stays on full for about 100 miles then drops like a rock and the warning light turns on at a little over 1/4 tank and i'm empty a little below 1/4 mark. i've run out of gas twice because of this... :)
Can i fix this easilY?

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I had the same problem. When I put my white face gauges in I did put the needle in the right place. I thought I was so screwed. But no matter what the needle says the low fuel light came on when I was low on gas. So the next time the light came on I went home and pulled the dash apart and moved the needle to E. A while back I posted asking when does the low fuel light come on and every one said a little above E. It is not hard to fix. Should only take you 10-15 minutes.You will only need a phillip head screwdriver to take the top part of the dash off. Everything else just snaps in. You do not even have to take the clear cover all the way off, just enough to move the needle. Hope this helps......... let me know.............GRIFF
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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