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Still Way Sequential Shifter

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I have a few questions about this product, does anyone have it, how does it work, does it really make it easier for drag racing.

There are two modes on the shifter, right, when the sequential mode is engaged you just keep rowing between 1st and 2nd to do through the gears.

Has there ever been in an incident where the system was not correctly or fully engaged and when a driver tried to go to third, he just dropped it into 1st and blew his engine, that is what I fear, that the sequential system may malfunction when I think I am in sequential mode and I am still in the standard "H" pattern.

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I've got it, haven't hooked it up yet though. Check this site out.
Chris Romano (I think he's on this board) explained exactly how it worked, but that was a while ago. He could probably shed more light then I.
Thanx for the info man, I appreciate it. I really want to get one, I talked to a supra owner I met by accident at a car wash that had one, what luck.

I rode passenger in the car in sequential mode, it looked pretty cool and easy with now chance of misengagement.

Thanx again for the info.
No problem, I need to get to hooking the Stillway up so I can test it.
From what i've read/heard it really helps with mis-shifts.
all it does is lock out 5th and 6th gear, so you can't miss when going for 3rd or 4th
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