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Stillway shifter

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If anyone knows or is using the stillway shifter... Does it use the "reverse gear pull up assembly" or does it not use it?

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I second that. I wonder if it works also for daily driving
Too bad there are no answers.. I am about to install one.. and I think the Reverse safety lock gear is replaced with a stillway one. And then that pull up ring gear allows you to switch from The up and down shift back to normal H pattern shift. But I think when you are back in the normal H pattern shifting, the reverse gear is accessible without pulling up on that unit? so I think you have to be careful of accidentally shifting into reverse from fifth gear?
Bump of the decade. They still make/sell these things? Was looking at modifying an Ikeya Formula set.
Lol damn I just saw the date of the original thread😂😅
I’m making a video and a review of this on YouTube soon after I’m done!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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