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Stock alarm vs. Aftermarket Alarm!!!

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Okay guys.. I had a Cliford Bullet 4 alarm installed into my 94 TT... and now everytime I arm the alarm, the cliford alarm goes off.. its really annoying

What is installed incorrectly or do I need some mod to make them work correctly together..

Or.. what it a mistake to run both and should I just stick with the stock alarm??
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whom ever installed it did it rong it sounds like !

by the way i personally think clifford stink!
ya.. I think that they installed it shitty too...

tonight I installed my new Blitz DCC timer and now the only way I can arm the is to close the doors via key, then once the timer turns off arm the car (or have it arm itself)

that sucks.. whats the point of having an aftermarket alarm.. might as well just keep the stock alarm.. at least its reiable..

Thanks for the feedback guys.. keep it comin'
Alarm Comment

I personally am going with the Alpine 8063!! The reason is that this alarm has a turbo timer feature (ignition timer relay) built in so no need for an unsitely turbo timer in your dash!!! Also, the turbo timer can be set when exiting the car as well as the Alpine and when the car shuts off, you are totally protected!!! Works great in conjunction with factory alarm as well... Now I am gonna remove my turbo timer in dash and make room for my VPC/GCC!!

Check it out at or let me know if you want one at LOW PRICE and I can get them from authorized dealer (friend) as well as all the addons for a GREAT price!!:cool:
What kind of price range are we talking? I might be interested for the same reason you mentioned (integrated timer).
Alpine price...

I found the Alpine 8063 with basic options (which DOES include the turbo timer/ignition relay timer) to retail for around $400 but I can get it for $275-$300 range. The optional Dual Radar Sensor for optimal protection leaving top out is around $40, EXT addon mod (to hook up more outputs for power windows, etc) $100, and then you would need power window module... Also an available pocket pager that will alert you from LONG distance that someone is messing with your car!!

So complete alarm with all options except for avail pager would run around $450 and then installation. Keep in mind this is a TOP NOTCH system with LCD status mini-screen that mounts in cabin to monitor all functions!!!

Check it out on and I am SURE you would not be disappointed!!! And the added insurance discount would pay for the alarm in a year or two!!!
... thanks for the feedback, but this still doesnt answer my question...

How good do you think the stock alarm is and can I hook up a basic open / close door setup

Thanks guys!
the stock alarm sucks i can by-pass that thing in 20 seconds!
the stock alarm or the cliford??

and if so.. can I disable the stock alarm at this point?
roadie.......definetly inerested in the alpine with all the options including the pager, can you shoot me an email and maybe we can get something together
both suck stock and clifford ..but i know a few people who swear by clifford ..any way im using a crimeguard alarm !and still can use my factory one too!

if you need help withthe install drop me a line and ill help you out!
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