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Stock auto LSD question?

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I know the 6 speed uses a Torsen style lsd that cannot be used in Auto or NA ring gears.

What type of LSD is the factory Auto.
Are any other toyota LSD's able to be used in a MKIV rear end, Such as MKIII
What type of LSD is the TRD.

What is the prefered Aftermarket LSD. Kazz, TRD, or what?

Thanks guys

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All 6 speed LSD in the US and the 96 and earlier use a Torsen-Gleason LSD (worm gear type). 97+ auto and the optional NA LSD use a Torsen-helical LSD. Both these function the same but both are prone for breakage under hard launches. The KAZZ, TRD, ATS, and Cusco are all plate type. NOT clutch type. By plate type I mean the axle gears in the carrier are splined inside the carrier housing. The carrier housing is splined to receive the gear as well but does allow for a small shift movement within. Upon the acceleration the pin inside the carrier engages the cam to force it into the plates. When the plates engage the power is sent to the wheels. The entire movement is quicker than the either torsen LSD.

There is a big difference between the plate type and clutch type. The clutch type uses springs and clutches preloaded into the gears and when there is slippage the clutches heat up and grab. They also require a special additive into the lubricant to enhance the grip of the clutch. They also wear out over a period of time and are always under constant tension. This also the reason why a lot of guys think that if the vehicle has an LSD the vehicle's drive wheel will not move with the transmission/driveshaft locked. The clutch type is simply an open diff with clutches and springs. IMO, its really meant for trucks not performance cars.

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I think the KAAZ LSD is more of road racers and track guys. I heard the TRD LSD is less forgiving. I think the TRD is an open diff and only acts like an LSD when there's load.
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