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Now with 0JZ
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First off, I have an actual JZA70, not just a 1JZ swap. The car has a stock boost gauge, which reads between -200, and +600mm hg (which is the most useless scale ever, in real numbers that's about -3.5 to 10psi). Anyways, the gauge doesn't work properly. It seems to get stuck down in vacuum. What i mean is that when going going from vacuum to boost (like when you step on the gas), the gauge stays down at the -2 mark for a second or two, then jumps up to wherever the gauge is at.

While driving around in boost varying the throttle, the gauge jumps arund like normal, it's only when it has been sitting in vacuum, and comes up to 0, or positive boost that the gauge sticks a little.

I thought it was the gauge itself. It is an electronic gauge, I took appart the gauge and it is moving freely, and working quite well, so I'm lead to believe that the pressure sensor for the gauge is bad.

That was long and pointless, lets get to the point.

Where is the stock pressure sensor for the stock boost gauge on the 1JZ? Is it tied into the map sensor for the ecu? Or is there another sensor?
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